Modular Exhibits – Retail Displays – Special Events[

EverBlock is ideal for the creation of dramatic and exciting displays and exhibits. Unlike other modular displays, EverBlock is versatile, allowing you to use the same giant Lego blocks to make many different items. Reconfigure blocks to vary size, shape, and style of your exhibit.

The same blocks can be used for many different exhibition needs. You can run power within the stand, illuminate the walls with LED lighting and add digital screens and accessories to create a visually impressive exhibition stand.

Use EverBlock to build practical and stylish modular retail displays, sales counters, display columns, modular exhibition stands or plinths of varying sizes and heights. Use to divide retail spaces and delineate your sales floor as needed.

There are shelves and desktop units to help you create incredible and usable retail spaces. Vary your designs as needed to create bespoke display cases, add drama into your retail space with customized furnishings.

Depending on your venue and needs you can reconfigure your constructions seasonally for specific sales & product launches or simply to ring the changes.