Build Amazing Things

EverBlock is a Life-Sized Modular Building Block That Allows You To Build Anything!

Modular solutions
for open plan offices

Use EverBlock to build practical and stylish modular pop up walls, and plinths of varying sizes and heights.

Flexible dining solutions
for Cafes and restaurants

EverBlock is an ideal divider for cafes and restaurants. Easy to wipe clean. Bright and colourful.

Flexible space solutions for factories
and open plan workspaces

Use EverBlock to build practical pop up divider walls and plinths of varying sizes and heights to enable teams to work safely together.

Modular classroom dividers
for flexible teaching

EverBlock is a must for all schools. Perfect for early learners and older children to create stimulating divider walls allowing large classes to be divided into smaller groups and enable flexible teaching groups.

We Hire & Sell all colours and sizes of blocks in the UK. We also offer a complete delivery and install service for all types of applications ranging from Exhibitions, Conferences, Experiential Marketing, Team Building to Educational requirements, Outdoor Events and Parties.

EverBlock is a system of large, connecting, coloured blocks (think adult lego) enabling users to create modular furniture, modular walls and decorative items in dozens of applications and industries. They are available for hire in a wide variety of colours including a translucent option that can be lit up with LED back lighting.

Quick, Easy, Fun, Strong and Reusable.

Anything you’ve constructed can be taken apart and re-assembled again, or the pieces can be remodelled to build other items and objects making EverBlock systems a uniquely Green building method. For more details please call our sales office 01420 488477.

Everblock divider wall

Use EverBlock to build practical and stylish modular retail displays, sales counters, pop up walls, display columns and plinths of varying sizes and heights.

EverBlock is a must for all schools. Perfect for early learners and young builders to help develop skills in counting, shape and colour sorting.

EverBlock is wonderful at creating room dividers, screening and partitioning in offices and apartments. Construct portable or permanent walls for a variety of uses.

EverBlock modular building blocks are ideal for team-building events, experiential marketing projects, brand activations and all types of unique projects.

It’s quick and easy to build almost anything by stacking and organizing the universal blocks into virtually any shape, pattern, or size. Alternate colours as desired to create incredible customised objects plus a vast array of modular furniture and imaginative decorative items.

Contact EverBlock Hire  |  Email: sales@everblockhire.co.uk  |  Call: 01420 488477